• Conditional trigger, from 5v to 12v positive signals are accepted.
  • Accent potentiometer
  • Extra Boom from decay time increase
  • Tune potentiometer.
  • 100% based on 808 drum kick
  • DIY frendly
  • Eurorack format
  • -12v +12v
  • 10HP
  • Conditional trigger circuit


808 kick drum DIY kit with Xtra decay and Tune


About Us

MONOTALE is a boutique company based in Córdoba, Argentina. It was founded in 2017 by Paulo Cominotti.

Brand logo was inspired by a painting of beloved Paulo’s friend: “Leo Ludico” and southamerican’s howler monkey “Alouatta caraya” best know for his notable loudest roaring that can be heard up to 5 km away.

The fact that vintage equipment are very hard to find or expensive, forced him to mingle with circuits so as to build their own effects and later synthesizers.

Monotale is a tiny company and everything is built and assembled in our workshop with infinite love.

Our philosophy is to design devices that we would fancy using in the first place and expand vintage legendary instruments with new features for the modern age.

Currently, we are working on several stunning projects, which will be revealed in the near future.

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